Happy New Year Queens AND Kings!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities and had a productive 2011!! 🙂

Every year, people make New Year resolutions. I want to loose 30 lbs. I want to save more money. I want to open my own business. We make these resolutions, but do we really follow thru with them?

In my life, I don’t know how many resolutions I’ve made……and not kept. Every year I tell myself all these things I want to do and come the end of the year, I’ve done none of them.

At the end of 2010, I decided I want to make New Year resolutions. The difference this time, I wanted to actually keep them. But what could I do differently the assure I kept my word? First thing, I decided to change the concept all together. I didn’t make New Year resolutions. I made RE-New Year Resolutions. The concept of becoming a new person every year seems a little taxing on the soul and could lead to a small case of schizophrenia (Just kidding). All jokes aside, by creating a “new you” you run the risk of loosing the essence of the old you. You don’t want to complete forget the “old you”. However, by re-newing yourself, you are taking the lessons you’ve learned and productively applying them towards you future. Look at it this way, creating a “new you” is starting from scratch, then a “re-new you” is starting from scratch with a users guide filled with notes.

So how do you work towards a re-newed you? Well, here are the steps I take:

1. Re-read last year’s resolutions and evaluate.

Did you really accomplish all you want to? If so, congrats!! If not, why? Were your goals unrealistic? What prevented you from achieving them? Did you really want to accomplish it or did you just say it to say it?

2. Write down what you want to accomplish.

When writing down your goals, make sure it’s something that you want to accomplish and make sure it’s realistic.

3. Write down HOW you’re going to accomplish your goals.

This is why it’s important to make sure your goals are realistic. If your goal is to own 5 Bentleys, and you have 0 jobs, how do you plan on getting them? You want to make a road map to get you to your goal. If your goal is to lose 30 lbs, how are you going to change your eating habits? How many times are you going to work out? Say what you want to do AND how.

4. Post your goals. Create a vision board.

It is important to see your goals everyday. It helps to re-enforce it to yourself. Create a vision board. You can add pictures and colors to make it more festive. Put it in your refrigerator, your closet, your front door any place you know you’ll see it everyday.

Here’s an example of Re-New Year Resolutions…actually this is a real one. This is mine. 🙂

1. Enroll in Grad School
How: Complete admissions application by January deadline, FAFSA application and apply for scholarships.

2. Add more fruit and vitamins to my diet
How: Buy fresh fruit and fruit cups. Take my vitamins out of my medicine cabinet, place them by my keys so that I can remember to take them every morning.

3. Update blogs regularly
How: Create monthly schedule for posts (what the post will be and when they will be posted).

4. Exercise regularly
How: Purchase a Yoga mat and practice Yoga videos found on YouTube until I can fit going to the gym in my schedule

5. Save money
How: Allot a certain amount of money to be deposited into a savings account ever pay check. Open a savings account at a Credit Union.

I hope you are successful in completing you re-new year resolutions!! What are some resolutions that you’ve made and how do you plan to keep them? Let me know below!!