Today is National HIV Testing Day!! I know I’ve already posted it but I can’t stress enough how important it is to get tested. Black women account for nearly 70 percent of the female cases of HIV/AIDS. You and your partner should get tested. The 2 minutes it takes to get tested could save the next 20 years of your life.

As you know, I have partnered up with Black Women’s Health Imperative to help promote the importance of getting tested. BWHI has launched their Elevate campaign to help start the conversation and encourage black women to get tested. In addition to myself, 8 other wonderful sistas have joined me in spreading the word. Please visit their sites and support them, and don’t forget to stop by Elevate’s website to get more information and find out where you can get tested.

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Franchesca who also did a hilarious yet very informative video:

Also, just in time for Nat’l HIV Testing Day, Marsha Ambrosius new video for Late Night Early Mornings also brings to light the importance of getting tested.

Even though today is National HIV Testing Day, today is not the only day you can or should get tested. You should get tested reguarly, and please remember to use protection. Stay safe!!!