Ms. Lauryn Hill has been on the road lately. We’ve all heard the mixed reviews. She show’s up late. Her voice doesn’t sound the same. She looks like she’s having a seizure on stage (yeah, I’ve heard that for real). The only chance I’ve had to chance to see her perform was 2001’s Smokin Grooves Tour, and that’s back when she said she wouldn’t be performing anything from “Miseducation” (yet she performed “Ex-Factor”). Despite the latest criticism of her recent performances, you still can’t deny the genius that is “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. I was in high school when that came out, and I can remember the impact that album had on us young black girls. To see a dark skin woman who could sing and flow?!? WHAT?!?!? And she can..or could act. I remember being in high school and singing EVRY.SING.WORD. to EVERY.SINGLE.TRACK. everyday. Ms. Hill proved that you could make quality music and still make it big without having to sell your sexuality or yourself. She is a role model for so many.

Even though the Lauryn Hill we knew from the late 90s in no more, her album still remains a staple in my collection. She maid timeless music that even our granddaughters will be able to listen to, love and learn from.

One of my FAVS: