Stressed out?

Life is hard. Obstacles come at you. You lost your job. You child got suspended from school. And then while walking home, you broke your heel on your shoe. Ugh, can life get any worse?

Actually it can, but why harp on the negative? That does nothing but make you sick, physically, mentally and spiritually. Negative thoughts can lead to stress. And stress is NO JOKE. We all know that women don’t have time to be stressed out. We’ve got things to do!!! But on a serious note, stress can lead to different health risks, such as pain, sleep problems, and heart disease. It’s time for us to start thinking positively.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. “Think happy thoughts.” “Don’t be a Debbie Downer.” And it always seems like the happy people have all these wonderful quotes. But these happy folks are right!! And many times those same happy folks were once in the same position you are now.

Anyone who has met me in person knows I’m a relatively happy person. I’m always smiling at something. I’m generally in a good mood 24/7. However, I know how it feels to not have or be where you want. I know how it feels to be unemployed and not know where money is gonna come from. How it feels to apply for at least a skabillion bills jobs and get NO call backs. Or to see your friends advancing in their lives while you feel like your stuck in the mud. I know how it feels to be stressed out. Can’t sleep. Hair falling out. Skin breaking out. But my sisters, we have to start taking care of ourselves. With difficulty surely comes ease. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Being in the position you’re in now isn’t a disadvantage per say. It’s a learning experience. Now you know how it feels to be at the place and you can put the necessary step in motion to make sure you never go back there.


So how do I stay so Happy McCheery? Here are a few steps that I use to get myself going:

1. Lay down and breathe.
As women, we sometimes put the needs of everyone else before our own. You can’t forget to take time out for yourself. Everyday, take at 30 minutes to just sit and relax. I know some of you are thinking “Look I’ve got kids and I’ve got things to do.” Yeah, but you tend to find an hour of your day to eat right? Well, instead of eating for an hour, eat for 30 minutes and then sit and be still for the next 30 minutes. Just sit there and breathe. Give your body and your mind a chance to rest and recuperate.

2. Get out the house.
When we get depressed or just aren’t in a good mood, we tend to sink into our little hole called the bed. However, I’ve found that going for a walk helps me feel better. Take a walk around the park and get some fresh air. I live in New York so there are so many parks to choose from. Find one in your area and explore it. In the daytime though. Gotta be safe. 🙂

3. WRITE down what you want to do.
Key word: WRITE. In order to accomplish something you need to visualize it. Sometimes not only in your head. Take out a piece of paper or a board (for the artsy types) and write down what you want to do. Be specific. You want to own a jewelry business? Write it down. You want to go back to school? Write it down. You want to buy those shoes you saw at Macy? Write it down. Whatever you want, write it down. Once you’re done, post it somewhere that you look at consistently i.e. your bedroom mirror, the refrigerator. Look at it and read it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. This helps to reaffirm your goals to yourself.

4. Make a plan.
This goes along with #3. Once you know what you want to do, plan it out and give yourself realistic deadlines. Then get to work.

5. Find a hobby.
Do you enjoy gardening? How about bicycling? Or maybe yoga? Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, do it. I find that when I do something that I truly enjoy and that isn’t dictated by rules, I feel so much better. Maybe you can too.

6. Pray/Meditate.
You don’t have to be the holiest of holy to pray to the Most High. For me, pray is one of the most humbling and calming things I do everyday. It helps me re-center myself. Take time out of your day EVERYDAY to pray and/or meditate. 5 minutes will do.

In the end, one of the biggest ways to combat stress and to relax and find happiness. Once you begin to feel better, things start to change around you. Even though we work hard, we can’t forget to enjoy life as well.

How do you relax? Let me know below!!!