By LJ Knight | November 10, 2010
Posted on NecoleBitchie.Com

Jealousy is a female trait. Ladies, how often have you heard men make this statement? I’ve heard it dozens of times. Which is why I’m ashamed and appalled at the jealousy and insecurity some men have been exhibiting during the recent displays of female empowerment. My agitation comes in a duo. First, from the reaction some men had during the Black Girls Rock event, which aired Sunday. Secondly, their reaction to the release of For Colored Girls. Apparently, the sudden surge of black-female power and positive images is just too much for some men and their egos. So, they decided that instead of supporting the females and their events, they would bash and mock the events via Twitter, Youtube, blogs and other forms of the media. My question to them is why? DJ Clue, a popular New York DJ, got a lot of women upset (rightfully so) when he tweeted the following…

Why respond in such a weak-minded manner? What is it about women, black women specifically, who make a conscious and purposeful decision to affirm themselves and display a sense of female empowerment that aggravates men and makes them want to lash out? For instance, during the Black Girls Rock event hundreds of men decided it would be funny to tweet slanderous things about the performers and those that were viewing it. The release of For Colored Girls has led to a few male bloggers writing resentful articles mocking the movie and suggesting that it was just another venue for black women to complain about their lives and endorse the tragic “woe is me” complex.

Brothas, I am especially disappointed in those of you who decided to play tag along and jump into the attack, even though you of all people should be fully aware of the struggles black women face day to day and the need for an outlet that tells them that they are special. I am ashamed of all the self-proclaimed mamas’s boys who grew up in a single-parent home with no dad in sight who still felt the urge to look at these events and the women who celebrated them in disdain. Again, I ask why?

It seems as though any time women show signs of strength, authority, pride, self-esteem and self-love men feel the need to hurriedly kill and destroy those feelings. Men become threatened. Fellas, do your genitals shrink at the thought of a woman who is not busily consuming her every thought with mapping out how to get a man, love a man, make her man happy and is instead using that same intensity to focus on herself first? Believe it or not, some men prefer it the first way, ladies.

Truthfully, there was no legitimate reason for men to be so threatened by these events. There was no male bashing or men hating taking place. By celebrating ourselves we are in no way demoting men. By finding our own voice, we are not silencing men. That concern the fellas had was figmental and is far from the truth. A woman is completely capable of celebrating herself and still seeing the virtue in her male counterparts. By finding our own value we are not devaluing men.

Aside from feeling threatened, could it simply be the green-eyed monster that I mentioned earlier? That could be what urges men to destroy anything which brings a group of women together under any doctrine that signifies that she should be confident and love herself. I am starting to truly believe that philosophies like this and the possibility of them being spread among women do more than threaten or make some men envious; It scares them shitless. The men who would rather a woman pity herself, feel lost and have no sense of self prefer that because women who are unsure of themselves and have not been taught their value are easier to be manipulated.

This is why it is essential that we teach our little girls the positive themes that were embraced during the Black Girls Rock event and others like it. It is detrimental that they are aware of any ceremony which celebrates them in order to motivate them not to be a woman that lacks self-esteem. This is especially true for the little black girls who enter the world with obstacles hurled at them, which seek to attack their self-worth, self-esteem, and self-identity on a daily basis.

These are just a few of my theories of why so many men react the way they do when they see a group of women celebrating self. Do you have any?

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