Last night, many people were watching the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. I don’t usually watch them, but this year, I intentionally did not watch them. The lack of African-American presence in nominations completely disappointed me. Apparently I’m not the only that feels that way.

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While the Academy Awards were going on, another awards show was being held honoring those African-American filmmakers who don’t get the credit they deserved. Broadcasted via Facebook and Twitter, The Reel Oscars, gave out awards to actors and filmmakers who weren’t and might not ever be recognized by Hollywood. Winners included actors Don Cheadle, and Jaden Smith, and filmmaker Qasim Basir, writter and director of the award-winngin film Mooz-lum. The 1st Annual Oscar Micheaux Awards, dubbed The Reel Oscars, was created by Stacey Muhammad an Award-winning filmmaker/documentarian. Her films include I Am Sean Bell: Black Boys Speak and Out of Our Right Minds: Trauma, Depression, and the Black Woman. The Awards are named for Oscar Micheaux, a film director and producer of over 44 independent films and the first African-American feature filmmaker.
This year’s awards were held online, but next year, plans are for the awards to be held in person.

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Pic: Film Society of Lincoln Center