Over time, we have seen the fashion world take elements of different cultures and turn them into fads. Welp, apparently headwraps are next on the list. I saw this at a Forever 21 on 5th Ave in NYC:

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As I continue walking down 5th Ave, I saw this in Aldo. A SHOE STORE:

Are headwraps the new black? Historically, women of African descent have not been the only women to cover their hair. Orthodox Jewish women cover their hair, as well Nuns. Muslims women over the world cover their hair in different variations. However, women of African descent are known for wearing elaborate colors and styles. Whether it’s Nigerian women wearing the large colorful headwraps, or African-American muslim women, who tend to add accessories such as flowers, pins and headbands to their headwraps, women of African descent have been known to spruce it up. Today you see many jewish women wearing different color headwraps and muslim women from Arab and Asian background also beginning to wear different colors, patterns and pins in their headwraps. These women cover their as a religious choice.

And then comes the fashion industry. It introduces the question, is this a new fashion trend? Probably so. And it may not necessarily be a bad thing. Headwraps may be away of teaching people about different cultures. It may be a way of shedding light on some of the issues affecting women worldwide. There are many advantages to this becoming a fad, then again….it is a fad. And fads tend to die. Hopefully this fad can make an impact.