So a few night ago, singers Rihanna and Ciara got into a twitter beef after Ciara made the following comment:

Soon after, Rihanna took to twitter firing back at Ciara, and the rest is e-history. However, unlike many twitter beefs (wait, have there been that many?) Ciara and Rihanna quickly reconciled their dispute and squashed the beef.

So I how do I feel about this? Well, first I don’t think Ciara should have went on television and made that remark about Rihanna on a fahsion show of all places. However, I commend both ladies for deciding to squash the beef and discuss it face to face. We live in a society where black women are portrayed as being catty and unable to get along. We know this is far from the truth. However, it seems like every month one black women is “beefin'” with another one. And it gets perpetuated in the media, blown out of porportion, and made to be something it probably never was. It’s time for us as women of color to unify and show the world that this stereotypical idea of us all being “bitches” is untrue.

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